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Wastewater, Water and Seawater Analysis

FESC Laboratories perform extensive physical, chemical and microbiological analysis of wastewater, water and marine waters.

Our laboratory which provides sampling and analysis services in international field. The analysis contained in this matrix is ​​expanded and settled in our TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation.

Our general working areas in wastewater, water and seawater matrices:

  • Analysis of industrial or domestic wastewater
  • Seawater analysis (deep sampling within the scope of Deep Sea discharge monitoring)
  • Controls on rivers, lakes and streams
  • Rainwater, well water analysis
  • Irrigation water conformity analysis
  • Water dispenser, tap water and storage water controls
  • Committed Water Monitoring Activities in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Reports Prepared at National and International Level


Related Legislation:

  • Water Pollution Control Regulation,
  • Regulation on the control of pollution caused by hazardous substances in and around water,
  • Regulation On Urban Wastewater Treatment,
  • Swimming Water Quality Regulation,
  • Regulation On Regular Storage Of Waste,
  • Regulation on Soil Pollution Control and contaminated sites of Point Origin,
  • Regulation On Incineration Of Waste,
  • Regulation On Water Pollution Control Communiqué On Administrative Procedures,
  • Notification On Technical Procedures For Wastewater Treatment Plant,
  • Notification on the determination of closed Bay and Bay areas which are sensitive areas where fish farms cannot be established in the seas,
  • Notification On Monitoring Of Fish Farming Facilities Established In The Seas,
  • Regulation on urban wastewater treatment communiqué on sensitive and less sensitive water areas