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The Covid-19 pandemic began in Wuhan, China and spread throughout the world, emphazing the importance of combating virus infection.

Some materials are used and integrated into our lives to reduce the impact of viruses that have caused illness as a result of virus research.

The term "antiviral" is used to describe these materials. This purpose is served by textile products, plastic materials, coating glass products, and dyes.

The "Antiviral Activity Test" was improved to better specify and grade antiviral activity in antiviral materials.

This test is based on after contact with a determined number and type of viruses and antiviral products in determined condition, recycling and determining to recycle quantity of viruses’ logarithmic decreases.As of now, there are some drawbacks, such as the fact that viruses only reproduce in a live environment, cannot be seen under a light microscope, and are only cultivated in a live environment, making it difficult to determine logarithmic number decreases. That’s why, antiviral activity tests are realized by expert staff.

Within the Fesc Laboratories, we serve you in order to perform antiviral activity tests with internationally accepted standard methods such as;

  •         BS ISO 18184:2019 Antiviral Activity Measurement on Textile Products
  •         BS ISO 21702:2019 Antiviral Activity Measurement On Plastics And Other Nonporous Surface

Virus strains and host cells used in antiviral activity tests in our Virology and Cell Culture Laboratory were obtained from national/international culture collections  and we perform Antiviral Activity Tests on the following viruses;

  •         Influenza A Virus
  •         Feline Calicivirus

Logarithmic decreases in the value of textile products between 2 and 3 are considered good antiviral performance; decreases greater than 3 are considered excellent antiviral performance. Our labrotary perform lots of R&D works on antiviral activity measurement to increase speciality and capacity.

To increase specialization and capacity, our laboratory conducts numerous R&D projects on antiviral activity measurements.

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