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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

With our Quality Management System established in accordance with the requirements of TS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2012 standard,

  1. Adhering to the principle of confidentiality and neutrality,
  2. To work with expert personnel who have mastered the Quality Management System Documentation and carry out their work in accordance with these documents and quality policy,
  3. To use technical equipment and materials in accordance with our procedures and customer requirements,
  4. To follow up the accuracy of analyze results with internal and external quality control activities,
  5. To give accurate analyze results as soon as possible and at optimum costs,
  6. Our mission is to continuously improve our Quality Management System in line with our vision and values and internal and external customer-oriented approach.


FESC Laboratory provides reliable and quality service, focuses on internal and external customers, and works with efficient, dynamic and ethical rules.

Basic Strategy

Continuously growing and developing in the ever-growing laboratory services market while maintaining our current industry-leading position.


In the fast developing analysis services market, FESC Laboratory will continue to lead.

Our Values

  1. Ethical Work (To provide reliable, honest and quality service).
  2. Focusing on profitability (Being fast and efficient).
  3. To be customer-oriented.
  4. To be a Pioneer Organization (Who cares about experience, learns and teams).
  5. Being employee-oriented.