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Cosmetic products which are the permanent part of  in our lives, have to necessary tests and controls according to regulations and standarts.

Fesc laboratory provides analysis service since 1989, also present you accredited analysis services in cosmetic products.

Please find below the main analysis we service for cosmetic products

·        Challenge Test for evaluation of preservative performance against microbial growth

·         Main Microbiological Analysis

            o   Detection of Aerobic mesophylic bacteria

            o   Detection of Staphylococcus aureus

            o   Detection of Escherichia coli

            o   Detection of Candida albicans

            o   Detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

            o   Detection of Mold and Yeast count

·        Heavy Metal Analysis

·        Claim/ Not Include Analysis

·        Stability Tests

            o   Variation of Viscosity

            o   Variation of pH

            o   Variation of Density/ Weight

            o    Microbial Load

            o   Variation of Sensory and Packaging

If you need analysis service for your cosmetic products, you can  contact with us with info@fesclabs.com address or you can reach us with 90 212 321 09 00.